Starch World ASIA into its 6th series 2017


        Starch World ASIA into its 6th series 2017 is recognised as an important event for the industry and generally targeted at companies involved in Plantation and Agribusiness , Fermentation technologists and Enzymes Suppliers, Milling industry , Sugar & Sweetener industry , Food Ingredients companies –  companies that uses starch & starch derivatives for food, textiles, paper , pharmaceutical industries, Starch manufacturers from various feedstocks including rice, potatoes, cassava, corn, wheat, pulse ,  financial institutions, bioethanol producers, , Equipment & Technology suppliers, biogas industries

It has been brought around the region to Bangkok, Jakarta, Yangon, Phnom Penh

Currently The conference program is still in its planning stage but it will include following highlights

–          Cassava Starch and how it compares to alternative starch feedstocks

–          New developments in Clean Label Starch & applications

–          Value added products from starch processing

–          New cassava projects in the region

–          Starch raw materials outlook

      Speakers were came from all over the world apart from Vietnam, they were from Thailand , Indonesia ,Cambodia, India, Malaysia, Australia, China, other regions like Africa , Europe and South America and International Organization Mr. Phanthavong Vongsamphanh, from Department of Livestock and Fisheries, Lao PDR  was the one  of the invited  speaker to deliver a presentation at this conference as topic ” Finding Added Value from Cassava Byproduct after Starch Extraction(cassava pulp to fattening cattle)  – Case study in Lao PDR.