Signed a contract to build financial cooperation between the Lao government and the government of Hungary


On 22 February 2016 the. Ministry of Foreign Trade and Hungary have signed an agreement on the framework of cooperation between a government of Laos and the government of Hungary, by mountains carpeted family, Ambassador Ambassador / Representative permanent Lao PDR with offices in the capital Vienna, the Austria and in Hungary is Dr. E suaan Mikolajki (Dr. István Mikola), Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Trade and Hungary signed a partner. The ceremony was also Dr. Lao. Castor’s soft shot pra Vongviengkham Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture and Forestry of Laos and stakeholders from both sides joined witnessed.

Agreement to establish cooperation finance bilateral issue such a contract basis for promoting steps to expand cooperation in economy of both countries mutually benefit, as well as a contract to master towards signed contracts other assistance as the loan, the agricultural sector, livestock, aquaculture and processing products, clean and quality standards from Hungary to assist Laos in the near future in 3.0 million dollars US. Success in the signed contract cooperation finance this will contribute significantly to increasing cooperation between traditional fine between Laos and Hungary since the establishment of the diplomatic relations together on 12 September 1962 onwards and is creating new opportunities to Laos us access to capital and technology to develop products farm food catering modern to increase the quantity and quality of the products he gave up, can respond to market domestic enough to reduce imports and exports and strengthen the competitiveness of trade within the countries of ASEAN or AEC and partners the ASEAN. Meanwhile, also contributed to performance goals development sustainable, eliminate poverty and achieve the Millennium of Lao P.D.R. to break out of the status of LDC in 2020

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